Westburg's snack tomato segment consists of varieties selected on taste, quality, color and shelf life.

The cultivation is supported by computer data for optimal cultivation control. Good plant health is important, in addition to correct climate control and application of the nutrient water, we use natural control agents against diseases and pests. We use liquid CO2 for sustainable cultivation and in 2021 we started using residual heat to heat the greenhouses.

The snack tomatoes are processed in the packaging hall on seven different packaging lines. The tomatoes are packed in transparent buckets, trays and bags, as well as in cardboard trays.

The latest packaging line, a top seal packaging, was taken into use in 2021 to reduce plastic.

Our packaging is made from circular recycled plastic as much as possible.



Westburg has a segment of different varieties that are selected on taste, quality, color and shelf life.

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Westburg has a wide variety of packaging.

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Westburg guarantees its quality and food safety through certifications Planet Proof, BRC, IFS, and Global Gap

Together with other growers Westburg aims to get local grown products as a priority for the consumer. These growers want to stimulate the use of local grown products by means of transparency about the cultivation and the product. On the website of "Van Eigen Bodem" (only in Dutch) you can find various recipes with these local products. 

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